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Contact – Katrina Deverill Author

I love to hear from my readers so, please contact – Katrina Deverill Author today with any questions you may have. Welcome to my World, it’s one of imagination, where I’m either reading and whisked away to another place and time, or where I’m writing my next novel. I’d be excited to hear your suggestions and which of my characters you love the most! When I’m not writing, I’m checking my email and I love to hear all about the books you’ve read, the stories you’d love to read and suggestions for any new characters or even just to hear what you thought about my YA book The Enchanted. Or you can head over to my full portfolio and check out all my current titles and get a feel for anything that is on pre-order. Why not contact me – Katrina Deverill Author?

When I write, I get completely absorbed and it’s hard on my family and friends. Maybe you’re an inspiring author and are busy penning your way to glory, too. We all have dreams and if you dig deep into the depths of your imagination, you’ll no doubt find a book, just waiting quietly for you to pen it. Fight the fear and do it. It’s the most fulfilling experience seeing your ideas spring to life on a page. And if you’re interested in how my books are written and when they are ready to publish, why not read 75,000 Amazing Novel Words? If you have questions, then please do contact me – Katrina Deverill Author.

I’ll always do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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If you want to contact me please write website query in the subject line and I’ll be in touch soon!