silouette of woman in forest with two shadows before her. book 1 cover in Lilly Beveridge Investigates series - And Then There Were Two by Katrina Deverill


AND THEN THERE WERE TWO book 1 (Lilly Beveridge Investigates)
A tourist, a local girl and a bestselling author all have something in common they’re missing. But, in a Welsh community, harbouring secrets, actions have consequences.
Lilly is distraught her once perfect life is in freefall and it’s down to her impetuous nature. But when her best friends get involved there’s a plan to whisk her off to a remote cottage to rekindle their friendship while she licks her wounds.
When they arrive Lilly has no idea what they have planned and once again her impulsive behaviour leads her into danger. Now she’s missing and the secrets the locals hide impede her safe return. But it appears she isn’t the only one to disappear, nor is she the only person to face mortal danger. The problem lies in Lilly’s hands. With a head for mystery solving, she could be the answer to a bigger conundrum of a missing local girl and a bestselling novelist. Can she sleuth her way into finding the truth and if she does what happens to a village which cannot survive without tourism? Will her endeavours bring them to their knees or can she find a way to salve the painful facts?
It’s all to play for in Book 1 of the Lilly Beveridge Investigates series. If you love atmosphere and a very British mystery is your cozy read then buy And Then There Were Two to sail on the winds of change with Lilly as she discovers herself in this insightful first leg of the intrepid female sleuths journey, there’s no better time to be swept along on the winds of change than today!

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